Terry AndrewsHi, I’m Terry and I spend a lot of time online. Some of that time is even spent shopping. OK, I’ll confess. I love shopping, but I often dislike buying. ‘Shopping’, to me, means casually perusing the offered products and enjoying the thrill of new and unexpected discoveries. If something wonderful appears – great! If not, so be it. Nothing is lost, as long as I don’t need to buy something in particular.

‘Buying’, on the other hand, means having to purchase something specific. Very often – especially online – I spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of various offerings before determining which product will best meet my needs (and sometimes even work my way into a headache – so many factors to consider!). Not only must the purchase be well-suited for its intended use, but also well-constructed and backed by good service. Not to mention the right size, color, features … you know what I mean. I bet you also know how aggravating it can sometimes be to find just the right thing.

Over time, I’ve picked up some shortcuts and skills for reviewing and selecting products. I’m usually quite happy with my ‘finds’ these days, seldom having to return something. Many of those finds are shared on this site, hoping to save you the time it took me to determine the good choices out of many. At the very least, maybe they’ll get you headed in a good direction. Enjoy!

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